We help you share your story and humanize your brand.

Kerramel Media is a delicious marketing collateral boutique. We’re comprised of a team of multidisciplinary creatives who collaborate to offer website design, and video services for your business. We have experience working with all sorts of companies, but we specialize in working with small businesses. At the core of what we do, we help you articulate and conceptualize your ideas and develop them into finished products.

At the core of our work is a deep respect for storytelling. We recognize that every story is a unique and deeply personal interpretation of events, experiences, and concepts. Your business is a story, and it should be treated with an individualized touch and respect for its distinctive, personal qualities.

To that end, we stress the importance of sharing your individual story through the various available marketing channels. Doing so strengthens your business by differentiating you in a market saturated by other businesses that are trying to stand out with their brands. Your story allows your audience to see you in a clear and focused way that authentically illuminates your specific strengths and the assets you, alone, possess to address your customers’ needs.

Our marketing aesthetic is forward-thinking, modern, fresh, organized, stylish, creative, bold, and, above all, consistent with your story. We use your narrative to inform our aesthetic in everything we do!