Videos are an important part of doing business. You have to show, not just tell, the world your story. We work with you to help synthesize your story into either one cohesive promotional web video, or a series of video blogs to be released over time. We will assess your company’s video marketing needs, articulate your company’s strengths and story, and, then, it’s lights, camera…you know the rest. We produce, shoot, edit, and upload your online video.

We will work with you to create the perfect online video marketing strategy!

Most people are afraid of public speaking, and even more people are terrified to speak on-camera. That is where media coaching comes into play. Ron has an amazing talent for coaching performers, actors, and business people to “act” naturally on-camera. With his coaching, our clients can expect to have an honest, sincere, relaxed on-camera presence that will help them appear more polished and professional.

Need more proof? Click here to view an infographic on the “Power of Video for Small Business.”